RX – Everything is a stream!


I’m a huge fan of Reactive Extensions (RX) and have been using it in a professional context for many years.  One of the interesting topics of debate between co-workers is when to use Tasks and when to use RX.  This post is about my opinion, which might be well off, but at least I have shared it and hopefully receive some compelling counter arguments. Continue reading


RX – What thread am I on?


Threading in RX is usually performed by a set of classes called Schedulers, that implement the IScheduler interface.  I have interviewed a fair few people who don’t fully understand what thread they are on at various points in the pipeline, especially when we throw in a few ObserveOn and SubscribeOn calls.

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RX Replay’s Slow Consumer “Problem”

What is Replay?

We have been using RX for some time now although we still get caught out on the intricate details.  Replay is an extremely useful caching mechanism that allows streams to replay previous entries for new subscriptions, based on count, time or a mixture of both.

Under the covers it’s a multicast with a replay subject:

Observable.Multicast<TSource, TSource>(source, new ReplaySubject(bufferSize))

The Problem

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