RX – Everything is a stream!


I’m a huge fan of Reactive Extensions (RX) and have been using it in a professional context for many years.  One of the interesting topics of debate between co-workers is when to use Tasks and when to use RX.  This post is about my opinion, which might be well off, but at least I have shared it and hopefully receive some compelling counter arguments. Continue reading


Installing Netatmo on a Worcester 38CDi Greenstar Boiler


We are at the forefront of home automation through the internet of things.  It’s a great time to be a programmer, since we have some unique challenges to overcome.  I looked around at a few smart thermostats, I was really impressed with Nest, it feels like a quality product.  Sadly they do not support Apple HomeKit and since the majority of my devices are made by Apple, it’s not an option for me.  Sure I can go down the Homebridge route, although why bother when there are some good products out there.

This post will show you how to install a smart thermostat, step-by-step with the use of images.

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